If ever I was asked to select my favorite quote from Embrace the Storm, it would be the following:

     “Jessi, it’s not crazy, it’s who you are,” Megan said.  “Whether you embrace it or not, nothing can change that truth.  Denying who you are is impossible now that you know.”

     The truth concerning Jessi’s identity has been handed to her, and although she has yearned for these answers for as long as she can remember, having to actually accept the truth is a step she’s not sure she’s able to take.  The truth is overwhelming, and Jessi wonders whether ignorance might have been bliss.  Megan steps in to assure Jessi that even if she chooses to ignore the truth about herself, it won’t erase her knowledge of the truth.  

     At the risk of sounding boastful, I must admit I have loved this quote since the day it found its way onto paper.  It moves me immensely each time I read it, and I’ve even questioned whether it originated from my pen.  (I assure you, however, that it did!)

     Truth is a powerful thing.  It has the ability to flip our lives completely upside down; in both good and bad ways.  And the crazy thing about discovering the Truth is we truly cannot un-discover it.  Even if we try to suppress it, deny it, bury it, or erase it from our memories, it has a sneaky way of popping back up.

    Kind of like a Jack-in-the-Box… We can shove that little clown back into the box, slam the lid shut, and resolve to never look at it again (which I personally prefer to do, as I hate clowns!).  But inevitably that handle gets turned, the song begins to play, and before you know it:


     The truth pops right back up in our face!  It refuses to be stuffed away and ignored.  That’s why, as difficult as it may be, accepting the truth is ultimately for the best.  Only then can we feel free.

     So does Jessi learn to embrace the Truth?  You’ll have to read the book to find out!



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  1. Reblogged this on Heather Pfeifle and commented:

    As I am working on book #2, I have revisited some parts of book #1. So I thought I would share this post I wrote about my favorite quote from book #1. It still leaves an impression on me every time I hear it!


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