While struggling to decide which path to travel, Jessi realizes her choices not only affect her, but also those around her.  In fact, her choices could possibly have far-reaching consequences.   

     Life has a domino effect, I thought to myself.  We walk around believing we are independent, individual beings.  Yet, in some mysterious way, our lives are intertwined with one another.  Every decision we make not only affects the outcome of our own lives, but also the lives of those around us, and then the lives of the people around them—and so on… (excerpt from Embrace the Storm: The Guardians of Bliss)

     Much like when we knock over the first domino in an intricate pattern, the decisions we make touch the lives around us.  It starts with our most immediate circle of family/friends and then ripples further outward, spiraling in wider and broader arcs.  It’s impossible to determine just how far the results of our decisions might spread.

     As I wrote this particular scene from Embrace the Storm, I found it fascinating to consider the way our lives seem to be woven together into the fabric of the universe.  So much of the time, our understanding of how we influence the world is limited.  We can be blinded to how we affect everything around us, especially the people around us.

     To be honest, motherhood was the defining moment for me; the moment I was able to to take a step back and see how the choices I make each day can affect more than just my life.  As a mom, I have to think about how my choices will affect my children, because ultimately those choices will affect how my kids make choices for their lives.  And the choices they make will then spiral out and affect the people in their lives…and so on and so forth.

     Have any of you ever experienced a moment of “awakening” similar to mine and Jessi’s?  A time when perhaps you realized just how significant you are to those around you and the power you have in the choices you make?  I’d love to hear your story!

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