Picard, Help Me! There’s a Squirrel!

star trek writing

This is the story of my life today!  I should be writing.  I have the document I need to edit pulled up on my screen at this very moment.  “Book 2, Chapter 1”.  It’s there just waiting to be edited!



So, I thought I’d take a moment and ask my fellow writers what tricks you’ve found to help you be less like Dug (pictured above) and more like the diligent, hard working writer you aspire to be?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Leave a comment below.  Maybe we can bounce some ideas off each other, and we’ll all be a little more productive down the road!

4 thoughts on “Picard, Help Me! There’s a Squirrel!

  1. Hello Heather, firstly I’d like to thank you for following my blog/website, I truly appreciate your interest in my poems, and I hope you enjoy reading my humble writings. I’m from Geelong , Australia.
    And as for being of help in the field of a hard working diligent writer, I don’t think I’m a good example. When I find time I like to write one poem a day, because I really enjoy putting my thoughts into poems. I think that’s half the battle, to enjoy your writing experience. I’m easily distracted, so I’ve always got my music playing while I’m writing, mainly Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, and David Francey. However I’m tired tonight and tomorrow I’m to be Ivor the Plumber. Cheers.

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    1. Thanks, Ivor! I love writing poetry as well, so I look forward to reading your work. What you said about having a goal to write a poem once a day…That’s a great idea. To have some sort of goal, however small, to reach each day. Yesterday, I finally just told myself I would get through 9 pages and then I could go do something “fun”. It took some time, but I finally made it. Some times writing is all fun, but some times I really do have to get the work done, even if I’m not in the mood to do it. Thank you for your thoughts. It’s just nice to hear from other writers. Knowing we all have our battles to win!


      1. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts, I’m now following 💛 you, Cheers.

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      2. Aww, thank you for the follow! I certainly appreciate it! 💙


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