Top Ten Reasons Why I HATE Writing

Stumbled across this today and it really encouraged me to know I am not alone! Great read! Check it out!

The Anarchy of Writing


No one takes it seriously.

*Sigh* Do you ever get those people who are like, “What do you do?” and you’re like, “I’m a writer,” and they’re like, “Oh!  That’s cool,” all obligatory and shit?  Yeah.  We writers don’t get the respect we deserve.  Unless our names are JK Rowling or Stephen King and we’re friggin’ householdnames, everyone treats us like we’re five-year-olds with a superhero complex.

“Who are you supposed to be, Timmy?”

“I’m Superman!  Zoom, zoom!”

“Oh!  That’s cool.”

Timmy:  *Sigh*


There’s a lot of competition.

Like, HOLY SHIT: a lot.  Every which way, there’s another aspiring writer ~ hoping to travel the same damn path you’re traveling.  Makes for a crowded journey.  The only consolation you have is that they are they and you are you.  And they can NEVER be you.  Now, you may not be a better writer…

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