“Step Out of Them Voices…”

I wrote this piece a few weeks ago.  I decided to share it again this weekend because I think this is a topic many people struggle with.  The voices in our heads, or our “inner demons”, have a way of distorting the truth.  They convince us we are not good enough, not worthy enough, not ___________ enough…

It’s so important that we learn to break free of those voices so we can truly see our value.  Until we do, we will never reach our full potential.

Heather Pfeifle


I went on a journey with my girls this summer into the world of KPOP (Korean Pop Music).

Now before you leave this page, please hear me out.  I was skeptical when my 12 year old had me sit down and watch my first KPOP video.  How could I relate to these teenagers/young adults?  I didn’t speak their language or understand their culture.  What did I have to gain?

Yet, as I listened to the music and read the English subtitles, I was amazed at the depth of emotion.  The words these boys had skillfully weaved into verse and song pulled at my heart until I found myself in tears.  And they’ve continued to find the words to breach my heart over and over as the months have gone by.

Stray Kids’ new album released at the beginning of August and once again I find myself slack-jawed over the emotionally…

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