“I Almost Cried!”

My 14 year old niece, Aryanna, is currently reading my novel Embrace the Storm: The Guardians of Bliss.  I was thrilled yesterday when my step-mom texted to update me on Aryanna’s progress.  Here is what she had to say:

“Book update: I asked Aryanna if she’s finished your book.  She said (with a big smile), “Not yet, but I love it!  Books can be hard at showing emotion.  This book is so good at it that I almost cried!  I really, really like it and will have it finished soon.”

As I wrote my main character, Jessi, I sometimes worried she would come across as “too emotional” and I considered changing her up a bit.  In the end, however, I felt I had to be true to my character and where she was leading me with her story.  And I’m thankful I followed my gut!

I think many people are afraid of their emotions or feel as though emotions make them weak.  I wanted a main character who wasn’t afraid to let whatever she was feeling show.  As people read my story, I want them to feel connected to Jessi and the emotions she experiences.  My hope is for this connection to help my readers come to realize emotions are not our enemies.  They can actually make us stronger.

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