As I am working on book #2, I have revisited some parts of book #1. So I thought I would share this post I wrote about my favorite quote from book #1. It still leaves an impression on me every time I hear it!

Heather Pfeifle

     If ever I was asked to select my favorite quote from Embrace the Storm, it would be the following:

     “Jessi, it’s not crazy, it’s who you are,” Megan said.  “Whether you embrace it or not, nothing can change that truth.  Denying who you are is impossible now that you know.”

     The truth concerning Jessi’s identity has been handed to her, and although she has yearned for these answers for as long as she can remember, having to actually accept the truth is a step she’s not sure she’s able to take.  The truth is overwhelming, and Jessi wonders whether ignorance might have been bliss.  Megan steps in to assure Jessi that even if she chooses to ignore the truth about herself, it won’t erase her knowledge of the truth.  

     At the risk of sounding boastful, I must admit I…

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2 thoughts on “Truth…

  1. Sounds like a pretty dynamic character with a lot to sort out… nice work!

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  2. Thanks! I started this story when my oldest was a baby. Struggled to finish it through a nasty divorce and an intense spiritual journey. My main character wrestles many of the internal struggles I’ve faced. It’s truly a story about trying to survive the hardships of life (the storms) while keeping your eyes open for the “light at the end of the tunnel” (the rainbow). I’m a strong believer in remembering that great things can come out of tragedy.


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