Create, Don’t Destroy

This really spoke to me today. I’ve had to work hard over the years to stop beating myself up over things; even things that were definitely my fault.

When I beat myself up, I destroy a little bit of my soul every time. That’s not right or good.

I like the idea of creating instead. I think maybe this is why I love to write stories. My main characters are always having to discover the good in themselves; their self-worth. I believe this is my own way of healing and honoring my own self-worth.

Do any of you have a different way of creating instead of destroying?

11 thoughts on “Create, Don’t Destroy

  1. The Eclectic Contrarian May 30, 2019 — 2:57 pm

    It seems as though you’ve had a hard life. A wound you’re healing from. I’m sorry 😕 but you’re not by yourself!

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    1. Yes, I’ve had my fair share of rough times. I try not to dwell on it, but I like to share my struggles in order to let others know they’re not alone. Thank you for stopping by!

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      1. The Eclectic Contrarian May 30, 2019 — 3:39 pm

        I got a hankering to do some random blog reading. And I came across your’s! And I felt a lot of pain and realism. And I appreciate you!

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      2. Well, thank you….
        I don’t want to depress anybody but I do want people to know it’s okay to struggle and there is always hope. I think too many people try to convince the world they are fine. And I think too many people judge others for not being fine. The world might be a better place if more people let themselves be transparent. But that’s just my humble opinion, lol.

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      3. The Eclectic Contrarian May 30, 2019 — 3:45 pm

        I didn’t pick up any depression. Just a realistic feeling. And if it makes me feel something I tend to keep reading. And talking lol!! Feel free to tell me to shut up when you’ve had enough lol!!

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      4. I’m the same way. I’m an emotional/empathetic person to begin with. If you can make me feel deeply, I’ll be hooked. And I don’t mind the talking, lol. I would wish more people would start a conversation!

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      5. The Eclectic Contrarian May 30, 2019 — 3:48 pm

        I’m a speak when spoken to kind of guy in person. But on here I just don’t know when to stop lol..

        I’m John, nice to meet you Heather!

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      6. It’s very nice to meet you too, John. I’m like that in person as well. I have a lot of social anxiety/awkwardness, lol. But I do like to talk.

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      7. The Eclectic Contrarian May 30, 2019 — 4:16 pm

        I guess people are more open on here. And I think people are just plain weird in person..

        I’m a socially awkward person myself.. but it’s all how someone treats me.

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      8. I get that. I’ve had both good and bad experiences trying to be more social in person. It depends where I am as well. It’s easier at my kids’ dance studio, for example, because I’m comfortable there. But in new environments, I have a harder time opening up.

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      9. The Eclectic Contrarian May 30, 2019 — 5:12 pm

        Completely understandable!!


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