“No” Power…

It’s funny how certain words can affect us. For instance, the word “No” can change our lives.

If a parent says “No” to us as a small child, it can potentially save our lives.

If someone we have a crush on says “No” it can break our hearts.

When I read this quote today, I thought about my dreams. If I share my dreams with somebody, and they say “No, you can’t do that” there are two possible ways it can affect me.

I can believe them and quit chasing my dreams. Decide they are right and there’s no way I will succeed. Or I can decide I‘m not going to let any person tell me what I can or cannot do! Continue chasing my dreams and prove everyone wrong!

I spent most of my life letting other people tell me what I can’t do. And I have to say, I’m sick of it! No one holds that kind of power over me. My only limitations are the ones I let control me.

“No” has no power over me and it doesn’t have to have power over you. Let go of what the world thinks you can or can’t do and instead do exactly what you know you need to do!

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