Music: A Universal Language

As I have shared in previous posts, my girls brought the world of KPOP into my life in January of 2018.  I have since fallen in love with many songs by Korean artists.  Some of the songs are funny.  Many have a beat that makes me want to get up and dance even though nobody needs to see that!   The best ones have a message in their lyrics I need to hear and want my children to hear: Love yourself, stop listening to the negative voices in your head, chase your dreams, don’t compare yourself to others and follow your own pace…etc, etc, etc.

I was especially excited about the BTS comeback video this morning.  I’ve always felt music is a universal language.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak the language or know everything about the culture.  If you listen closely, you can feel the music speaking to your soul and feel the emotion within the rhythm.  You can appreciate everything about it even if it’s not from your country or in your language.

I love BTS for breaking down so many barriers and bridging gaps.  And I love seeing our artists eagerly joining with them to collaborate together to make even more amazing music for the fans to enjoy.

When I watched the video this morning, I was so excited to see Halsey not just featured in their song, but actually participating in the video with them.  She’s dancing with them as though she’s been a member all along.  If you listen closely, you can hear she’s even singing in Korean.

I have so many friends who just don’t get why I listen to this KPOP music with my kids.  They can’t wrap their minds around it.

What I wish they could see is not only has this music given me something to bond over with my children (which has been a truly beautiful experience as a parent), but it gives me a glimpse into a world that is not my own.  I’ve learned so much about a country and culture I knew very little about 15 months ago.  Curiosity has driven me to learn more and accept more.  It’s broadened my ideas and opened my mind up in new ways.

Anyone who really knows me will understand how important it is to me to keep an open mind and open heart about life.  KPOP gave me one more opportunity to do this very thing.  It’s so important for us to become more accepting of the differences of others.  To see the world from many different angles and be accepting even when those angles are different from our own.

Music can help us to do this…It truly is a Universal Language!

14 thoughts on “Music: A Universal Language

  1. I so agree with you! I never bee into KPOP but just now I listened to this song and it’s amazing. I also listened to another song called lonely. It’s beautiful ❤ Music definitely is a universal language.


    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to check it out! There really are some beautiful songs. My favorite songs from KPOP are actually Hellevator and Voices by Stray Kids. If you watch the videos with English captions, the lyrics are just so deep. And that group actually writes their own music just like BTS. Who sings “Lonely”? I’d love to check it out!!

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      1. Yes I loved this new song from BTS and also Lonely from JONGHYUN who died. It’s very sad that story and to listen to that song. I can hear he was suffering. I will look for the ones you said.

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      2. Oh okay! He was part of Shinee, right? The girls and I heard about his tragedy. It hurts my heart knowing he was suffering. I’ll have to check his song out. Thank you. 💙

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      3. Yes he was part of Shinee. You are so welcome 💗 It’s such a horrible loss. If you know good songs let me know 😘

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      4. I will definitely send you some. I’d start with Stray Kids for sure. They don’t write love songs, but focus more on writing about life and struggles they face as young people becoming adults. It’s refreshing for sure!

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      5. Sorry to butt in but please do check it out Heather! It’s so beautiful

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      6. Lol, you’re fine to butt in!! I’m definitely going to check it out for sure!!

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  2. Yessssss!! I love this comeback so much I’m dying, IT’S SO GOOD. Everything you said here is true and also, Halsey being so comfortable and at ease around 7 men says such a great deal about them, their whole relationship is so cute and comfortable. Which are your favourite songs from the EP?! Mine are HOME and Make It Right (and of course, Boy With Luv) xx


    1. I love that Halsey is so involved in the video! It’s wonderful! My day was so chaotic yesterday I only got to listen through once but other than Boy With Luv, Mikrokosmos really stood out to me. It was pretty. And I have to say, out of all of Namjoon’s solos, I really have enjoyed Persona quite a bit!

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      1. If you do ANYTHING today you have to listen to Home, it’s INSANE. Also Make It Right was a collaboration with Ed Sheeran and it’s so good !! xx

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      2. I’ll get right on that! I planned to listen today while I’m editing my book! I’ll let you know what I think, lol.

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      3. Okay, you’re right, lol! Home and Make It Right are awesome! Although I think Mikrokosmos is still my favorite. It gives me goosebumps when I listen to it, lol.

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