Ups and Downs

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Some writing days are better than others.  Days come when inspiration drips steadily from the fountain of creativity within my mind.  An endless waterfall of ideas balanced with just the right amount of adjectives.  I fall asleep feeling productive and accomplished.  Tomorrow I will conquer the world!

Other days (quite possibly the very next day), I find myself in a drought.  Trapped in the endless desert of my barren mind.  My pages are parched, longing to lap up words of inspiration, but instead stay empty and lonely.  I go to bed discouraged and defeated, thinking, “Why am I even doing this?”

Today was not that day!  I accomplished much including finally writing the synopsis of my book series in just a couple sentences.  People are always asking what my book is about and I find myself stuttering, trying to grasp at words to describe it.  Today inspiration graced me with her presence and the words fell into my mind:

“Mine is a story of acceptance:  Acceptance of who you’re created to be, acceptance of the storms washing over your life, and finding the courage to hold on to hope when both seem impossible.”

That sums up The Guardians of Bliss series!  Book 1, Embrace the Storm is available on Amazon.  Book 2, To Withstand the Tempest will be out the end of May!

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