Protect Your Inner Peace

I needed to hear this today, which means someone else out there probably needs to hear it too.

I hate when things feel unfinished. I’m a fan of closure. Yet, lately I’ve found myself in situations where I can’t find peace. The only path to peace seems to be the path where I have to give up part of what makes me, well, me…

This doesn’t seem fair as it took me so very long to learn who I truly am at the core of my being. I like me, but people who’ve known me a long time aren’t too sure how to take me as I am now. I’m pretty sure some of them don’t like me as much. I’m a bit more outspoken, a little less needy, and finally have a mind of my own.

I do hate that there seems to be tension now and I’ve felt guilty for a long time about it. I’m so glad I came across this reminder. Some times you just have to let things go. There’s not a fix. It’s not worth chasing after people. It’s okay to take care of you.

People may try to make you feel bad about it. Call you selfish or guilt you out. You don’t have to own that. Take care of you and your inner peace.

3 thoughts on “Protect Your Inner Peace

  1. It’s a good reminder and I would say that there is a difference between being selfish and being sure to avoid consistently toxic people.

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  2. So true 💗 It’s important to let some people go in order to take care of ourselves. We deserve the best

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