Accepting Yourself


My aunt shared this on Facebook the other day, and I felt the message was too important not to share.

I believe even the most confident person you’ve ever met has, at some point in his or her life, had to learn how to accept him/herself.  It’s part of the journey.  

Some of us take a lot longer to learn how to be comfortable in our own skin.  I’m in my early 40’s and still learning how to be myself.  Too many years of listening to other people’s thoughts and opinions made it difficult to love myself just the way I am.

Raising three girls has been a tremendous part of learning to love myself.  I never want my girls to feel they are in anyway “less” than others.  I want them to love themselves and accept themselves the exact way they were created to be.  In order to teach them, however, I had to learn to love and accept myself as well so that I might be an example for them to follow.

Changing the way we see and think about ourselves is not an easy process, but it is possible.  Taking baby steps helps.  Something as small as changing the way you talk about yourself can be a good first step.  I weigh a bit more than I should, but I never call myself “fat”, especially in front of my girls.  When I exercise, I let the girls know I am doing so in order to help my body be healthy, not because I want to look skinny.  This one little thing has made a big difference in how I feel toward myself.

I also had to come to accept the fact that mentally and emotionally I am different than others.  I have different opinions which make me stand out from others.  I am also very sensitive and emotional, which offends some people.  But it’s part of who I am.  I am learning to be proud of those things which make me the person I am today.  And by accepting myself, I am able to help my girls accept themselves as well.

Learning to love and accept yourself is an important part of your journey.  Even if you don’t have children to teach, as I do, someone in your life is watching you.  You have the opportunity to not only help yourself by accepting who you are, but you very well may influence the lives of those around you. 

That’s a beautiful thing…

18 thoughts on “Accepting Yourself

  1. The Eclectic Contrarian July 18, 2019 — 5:06 pm

    I’m in my early 40’s doing the same thing…

    I have several posts about the stigmas because of outward appearance. Truth be told the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen were those who were themselves and I’ve seen a ton of physically appealing women who were unbearable because they were so freakin fake!

    Attitude makes or breaks a person!

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    1. You make a very good point! Some of the most physical beautiful people are completely ugly on the inside. And then there are other people who are totally overlooked because they are not considered “beautiful” physically, but they have beautiful souls. I am finally at that point in life where I understand the value of having a beautiful soul.

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      1. The Eclectic Contrarian July 18, 2019 — 7:04 pm

        Some people are attracted to the outward appearance. And they get what they wanted. Some are attracted to the soul. And that’s a much deeper connection.

        I’m at the point where I want realism. I’ve been around fake people all my life. I want friends who are connected to me so tightly that wild horses couldn’t drag us apart. And that starts by looking into the real parts of a human being, the heart and soul.

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      2. I absolutely agree! I’m at that same point in my life. It’s been a rough journey but it’s getting better.

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      3. The Eclectic Contrarian July 18, 2019 — 9:33 pm

        I can imagine. Just hope you’re happy! I know it’s hard work being a single mom with 3 girls… and then there’s yourself… I respect you!

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      4. Well thank you so much! I’m happy most of the time. I have some down moments but nearly as often as I used to. Thanks for stopping by today. I’m always happy to hear what you have to say!

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      5. The Eclectic Contrarian July 18, 2019 — 9:57 pm

        Thank you for taking to me!

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      6. The Eclectic Contrarian July 18, 2019 — 10:01 pm

        Wow! You claim me!

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      7. Of course I do, lol! I haven’t been lying to you. I genuinely enjoy our conversations.

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      8. The Eclectic Contrarian July 18, 2019 — 10:03 pm

        You’re awesome! 🙂

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  2. If you don’t accept yourself, why should others?

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    1. That is a very valid question! And very true. Why would you expect people to accept someone you don’t accept either? Thanks for sharing!

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      1. And people may not accept you even though you accept yourself. The take home message: what others believe about you is not as important as what you believe about yourself.

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  3. Beautiful said! 💗 I also agree with the quote. I have been bullied during school so I guess that had a negative effect on me. It increased me to have a low self esteem. I’m better than before and love myself more but I still struggle with it. It’s okay because it’s a never ending process. Every day we have to make that choice to accept ourselves, love ourselves and tell ourselves we are enough. You are a beautiful women and I’m sure your daughters can be proud of you as a mom! 💗 Being sensitive is a beautiful trait. I’m also that way. It’s just the world who is hard and doesn’t understand that always. It’s still better being ourselves than being someone we aren’t. That will only makes us feel unhappy. Lots of love to you 💖

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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by again. I also was bullied throughout my time in school. I grew up with some verbal and emotional abuse also. I know it took a toll on my self-esteem. You’re so right. We have to fight everyday to accept ourselves and love ourselves. It’s an ongoing battle. But I think we both can do it! Thank you so much for your kind words. I always love getting the chance to talk with you. 💜

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