Instilling Hope Again and Again…

“Because that’s what we storytellers do…we restore order with imagination…we instill hope again and again and again…”

~Walt Disney; Saving Mr. Banks~

My girls and I just finished watching “Saving Mr. Banks“, the story of how Walt Disney acquired the rights to produce “Mary Poppins“.

It’s a beautiful story. I cried on and off through the entire film. The one line that touched my heart most is the quote I posted above.

For me, writing is not only about getting a story down on paper, but how that story can inspire hope in my readers. I want them to leave the world I created knowing they have reason to hope; to believe in the light at the end of the tunnel and the rainbow after the storm.

If I can help even just a few souls believe in hope again when they thought all was hopeless, I will feel I’ve fulfilled my purpose in being a storyteller…

12 thoughts on “Instilling Hope Again and Again…

  1. The Eclectic Contrarian August 13, 2019 — 4:51 pm

    You’ve really brought a different perspective to writing. It really can bring hope! Writing really can be a critical responsibility!

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    1. It definitely can bring hope! I know some of my poetry can be darker, but that’s because I want people to know I understand what it’s like to have struggled through the darkness, the pits of despair. However, I also know what it’s like to finally find the light again as well. The hope…

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      1. The Eclectic Contrarian August 13, 2019 — 4:55 pm

        That’s interesting… a lot of people I know write dark poetry. I actually have to be really inspired and feel it in my heart to write dark poetry. But mostly it’s emotional or about love or living free…


  2. very wonderful thought 🙂

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      1. you’re welcome 🙂


  3. So true 💗 Beautiful quote and I agree with you. When we read we are in another world which makes us feel happy and inspired

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  4. And very often it takes engaging in another world to see the truths in our own world– which is why people have been telling parables for thousands of years! From experience in both reading and writing, I find the more of oneself an author allows into his/her characters, the more believable and ultimately truthful the story turns out to be.

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    1. I love this perspective! I agree wholeheartedly. So many stories I’ve read have helped me to understand what I’ve been going through in the “real world”. I also infuse my characters with a lot of myself. I find it therapeutic and also hope to help others to find themselves in the story and relate to the characters as well. Thank you so much for sharing!


  5. Definitely important. Hope is the little voice that whispers maybe when it seems as though the entire world is shouting no

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    1. I love the way you worded this. That’s a beautiful way to express Hope! 💙

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