This spoke volumes to me today…

Don’t get me wrong. I have three kids. I homeschool them while juggling a part-time job, their busy dance rehearsal schedule, and a dream to one day be a successful author. And those are just my top three priorities. The list doesn’t include all the other little day to day things that make life feel a bit crazy.

I know everyone at some point feels the pressure of having a lot on their plate. More and more often, I hear those I care about say, “Life’s been busy.”

That’s what I hear many times when I reach out to people I’ve been trying to stay in touch with. Days, weeks, months will go by with no word from them. No response when I try to say hello. Finally I’ll get a quick text back: Sorry. Life’s been busy.

At what point do we stop letting the busyness of life cut us off from those who are most important to us, though? At what point is it actually a problem? When do we stop to consider that maybe we are letting life beat us down instead of actually living our lives with greater purpose?

These are the questions I can’t help but ponder in a day and age when it literally takes seconds to respond to a text message… If we are simply so busy that we cannot take 3 seconds to respond, “Hey, its so great to hear from you! Thanks for thinking about me!” is it not maybe time to re-evaluate the amount of chaos we are inviting into our lives?

These are just thoughts that have weighed on my heart and mind recently. I certainly mean no offense in sharing them. I just couldn’t help but share when I came across this quote that echoed my own internal musings.

Have you guys experienced anything similar in your lives or the lives of those around you? What are your thoughts? Have you tried anything that has helped you overcome the busyness of life or the busyness of those around you?

7 thoughts on “Busy…?

  1. The Eclectic Contrarian October 20, 2019 — 6:58 pm

    You know, I realize you have a lot going on. So I’m in your schedule. When you have the time you know I thoroughly enjoy talking or goofing off.

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    1. I appreciate you so much. Just want you to know that. 💙

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      1. The Eclectic Contrarian October 20, 2019 — 8:14 pm


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  2. Yes, but when the kids grew up and moved away it got a lot quieter. Then when my husband of 30 years passed away 2 years ago things got too quiet. Enjoy the business while you have it.

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    1. I can completely understand not liking the quiet. I’m trying to calm down the extra busyness so I can enjoy the short amount of time I have with my girls and their busyness before they fly the nest! I don’t want the miscellaneous nonsense to take away from what’s really important; my girls, my family, my friends. I want those who count to know I’m not too busy for them. 💙


  3. I so agree with you. I get really irritated when someone says that he is so busy. It feels like those people feel important because they are busy. If you want to see a person you make time. No excuses. Great post lovely 💗 I hope you make your dreams come true ✨🤞

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    1. I hadn’t thought about it until you mentioned it, but yes! Sometimes it really does seem as though some people feel as though they are more important because they are “busy”. I just wonder how much they are missing out on because they can’t find a way to become “unbusy”. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It’s always so good to hear from you, sweet friend! 💙💙💙

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