Turning On The Light…

Hey friends, I’ve missed you. I’m sorry for my absence. Like many people at this time, I’ve felt pretty overwhelmed with everything going on in our world. My anxiety has been kind of high as quarantine/lock down has spread through my area.

The preschool I work for is closed for as long as our school district is closed. I’ve sat around, wondering what will happen to my finances. My ex emailed and let me know he was laid off from his job, so child support for our three girls will not be coming in. My grandmother is in the hospital with pneumonia and no one is allowed to visit her without a hazmat suit on in case it is actually Covid19. We are waiting on test results.

So the world has seemed scary…

Then I stumbled across one of my favorite Harry Potter quotes. I swear, Dumbledore had a way of making any darkness seem not so bleak. I was reminded that even in the darkest of times, a little light can be found.

And so while I still feel anxious about how the next few weeks will play out, and how my life will be affected by them, I was able to also find some positive mixed in with the negative.

This school year has been a rough one with me working part time while also homeschooling my three teenage girls. As a single mom, I feel a lot of pressure to fill both parental roles as well. I’ve felt tired and run down. I’ve missed being with my girls. And so this unexpected break from just about everything in life has brought the opportunity for some good quality time with my girls.

We are still getting school work done, but we are also able to read more, watch movies together, play board games, and have some meaningful conversations we are not always able to squeeze into our busier days. It has brought me so much joy just to be around them; to listen to them laugh, or debate their favorite Kpop groups; or to watch their eyes widen when a plot twist is revealed in the show we are watching.

This is the light I turn on to try to push back the darkness I’m feeling during this crazy time in history. I hope this post finds you and yours well. And I hope if the darkness is pushing in on all sides, you might find the strength to find your light… even if it’s only a night light. 💙

5 thoughts on “Turning On The Light…

  1. Thinking of you.
    I’m glad to see you posting…
    And glad that you’re getting to spend more time with your daughters. Enjoy every moment!

    Love, light and glitter

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    1. Thank you so much! Love, light, and glitter to you as well! 💗

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  2. Beautiful post 💖 Everything has a silver lining. I also have been feeling anxious and sad. I also feel a bit of hope and trust. I just know that this will end one day. That quote of Harry Potter is beautiful. My favourite! I’m thinking of you. Stay safe you all 🙏

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    1. Thank you! Sending you lots of positive vibes! 💗

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