How Are You?

I thought about trying to write something wise and inspirational, but I just wasn’t feeling it today…

Honestly? I just want to know how everyone out there is doing. How are you, readers? Are you hanging in there? Staying safe? Climbing the walls because of quarantine? Do you need an ear to listen to your struggles? Are you encouraging those around you? Are you on the front lines or supporting someone else who is?

To sum it up: Share your story with me and the others who stop by here to read. I would love to hear how everyone is managing “the new normal”, as I keep hearing it called.

In case you are wondering about me…

My girls and I are doing pretty good. Homeschooling, just as we have for so many years now. They are doing online dance classes in the garage with their dance studio. I’m working on one of my novel projects and trying not to bring home germs from the store when I have to go. We are doing well despite the chaos. I feel fortunate, knowing there are others out there who may not be faring as well.

Please share a thought or story when you stop by! It would be so encouraging to hear from everyone. Take care and best wishes to all of you! 💙💙💙

16 thoughts on “How Are You?

  1. Good to hear heather :).. I’m doing good too 🙂

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    1. So happy to hear you are doing well! Thank you for saying hi! 💙

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      1. very welcome 🙂 . take care 🙂

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  2. Hi Heather! I am doing well staying busy of course and catching up on all my Hulu shows. Big hugs to you friend!

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    1. Glad to hear it!!! I’ve been watching This Is Us on Hulu! Just started season 3! I also watched A Handmaid’s Tale. That one was crazy!! What are you watching?


  3. Here’s my positive poem Heather, that I’m writing at the moment, maybe I might alter it a little before I post it later on…..

    “Grasshoppers Hallelujah

    At night it’s my time to bleed
    As I’m slowly going to seed
    My video picture’s blurred
    I’ll take my film shaken, not stirred

    There I was crawling on dirty paws
    When my dream drifted into pause
    An impostor interrupted my show
    As I was climbing Mount Kosciuszko
    Bathing there in warm winter snow
    Waiting for the spring flowers to grow

    I’m overseeing the green valley below
    Where bees and dragonflies are buzzing to and fro
    Tree ferns are shading the moist forest floor
    And I hear faeries singing from under the Sycamores
    Their song of joy sounds familiar
    A classic tune by the whistling caterpillar
    Accompanied by a symphony of violin grasshoppers
    And we all join the chorus of nature’s Hallelujah” — by Ivor Steven…

    Cheers Heather… keep well… stay safe…. 💙💙🌏

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    1. That’s beautiful, Ivor!! Thank you so much for sharing it with me. I could picture it in my mind. 💙

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      1. Oh wow, Thank you Heather, that gives me confidence to post the poem later…. xxx

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      2. You should have every confidence, Ivor! It’s so beautifully written! I love it! Seriously, thank you so much for sharing!! 💙

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      3. Aww 🙄😏🥰

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  4. I’m Doing Well. Keeping Busy, I See That You Are As Well, With The Kids And Novel.

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    1. I’m glad to hear you are doing well! Please stay safe! It’s good to hear from you! 💙


  5. I’m happy you snd your girls are doing okay 💖😊. I’m kinda okay, sometimes anxious and not feeling well but I’m doing things I love every day. I’m reading, writing, enjoying the sunshine, going for walks in the park and I’m doing a yoga challenge which is amazing. It helps me so much. I also love this silence and stillness to be honest.

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  6. It’s so good to hear from you!! I’m glad you are doing well! I can understand feeling anxious. I’ve been dealing with some anxiety as well. Not knowing how things are going to turn out week to week really messes with my sense of security. But I’m trying to just enjoy the moment. It’s nice to be able to spend extra time with my girls without as much busyness. Please feel free to reach out and talk if you need a friend! I’m always here! 💙💙💙

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  7. The Eclectic Contrarian August 17, 2020 — 2:23 pm

    It’s really made me no crazier than usual.

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