Shameless Self-Promotion Time!

When I saw this meme floating around, I knew immediately which books made me feel this way!

I also knew that I truly never wanted anyone to feel this way about the books I write. However, I know it’s likely I’ll eventually have a few haters.

And that’s okay! Not every book is for every person.

But you will never know if my books are your “cup of tea” if you don’t check them out! I’ve lowered the price on both ebooks to just $2.99 this month to celebrate the two year anniversary for Embrace the Storm.

So head on over to Amazon and check them out. Then stop back by here after you read them and let me know what you think.

6 thoughts on “Shameless Self-Promotion Time!

  1. Keep promoting 💕

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  2. The Eclectic Contrarian July 31, 2020 — 7:36 am

    I understand fans and critique. But if it pleases you the author, it’s really all that matters.

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    1. Oh, I totally agree. I would never change the heart of my story just because someone didn’t like it. But I do enjoy getting feedback from those who have been kind enough to take the time to read my work.

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      1. The Eclectic Contrarian July 31, 2020 — 9:43 am

        I haven’t read much but I do support you.

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