The Road So Far…

How’s everyone doing?

Has life returned to a somewhat normal state for you or is the world still upside down?

Life for my girls and me has started to look a little bit more like it did before quarantine. We were already homeschooling before everything hit the fan, so that has stayed the same. But the girls’ dance studio has all these crazy new protocols, (which I absolutely love because they keep all the kids safe), but at the same time, I miss the way things used to be. On top of that, the preschool I work for has decided not to reopen for the fall, so it will be January or later before I’m back to work with kiddos.

To be honest, I’m the kind of person who loves being home. Quarantine was not difficult for me because I’d rather hang at home anyway. However, being away from people for so long takes its toll even on those of us who enjoy our Fortress of Solitude.

I really miss the handful of close friends I used to spend time with while our kids were in class at dance. I miss getting to talk to the dance teachers to see how their week is going. I miss peeking in the window to watch the girls practice their technique.

Something else I’ve noticed? Being around a lot of people now puts me on edge ten times as much as it did six months ago. It stresses me out more than I imagined it ever could.

Has anyone else noticed any weird side effects from dealing with quarantine? If so, what helps you handle them?

I hope all my readers are doing well, and I hope you are taking care!

Until next time…

18 thoughts on “The Road So Far…

  1. The Eclectic Contrarian August 15, 2020 — 7:36 pm

    I’ve been using everything as an opportunity to do more. Writing more poetry and guitar.

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    1. That’s good to hear! I was trying to write more, but in the beginning of quarantine, I was so bogged down by anxiety over everything, I found it hard to focus. Now that things are calming down, and I won’t be working for a stretch, I’m trying to get back into the rhythm of things. Maybe get these two books out by the end of the year. 🤷‍♀️🤞

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      1. The Eclectic Contrarian August 15, 2020 — 7:44 pm

        I thought you wrote nonstop regardlessly? Lol

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      2. I really try to, lol. But I got in a slump in March. I wasn’t writing as much as usual. I’ve been slowing getting back to it.

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      3. The Eclectic Contrarian August 15, 2020 — 7:57 pm

        So you work, homeschool, spend time with your daughters and write?

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      4. Part time work. Just a couple days a week at a preschool that is part of a church. But yes, I work, homeschool, spend time with my girls, and write. I also read, play video games, and do A LOT of laundry. 😂

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      5. The Eclectic Contrarian August 15, 2020 — 8:22 pm

        Lol!!!! Laundry and dishes.. work that’s never done…

        I respect and appreciate you. I know it’s hard work but your books are your escape!

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      6. For real though! I feel like I’m constantly washing a dish or towels or something!!

        Thank you for the encouragement. It is definitely hard work, but it is very rewarding. And yes! Writing is a great escape. It is also very therapeutic. I with through a lot of my internal trauma through writing.

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      7. The Eclectic Contrarian August 15, 2020 — 8:58 pm

        It makes you go 🤪 lol

        That’s probably why you’re a good writer!

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      8. The Eclectic Contrarian August 16, 2020 — 7:56 am

        You’re welcome!

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  2. I’m still in Lockdown here in Geelong. The pandemics like an invisible dark cloud of oppression weighing down on us as an extra piece of gravity .. Cheers. Ivor

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    1. Well said, Ivor. You hanging in there??


      1. It’s a matter of keep swimming, otherwise we’ll sink… 😂🙄

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      2. Yes, I agree! Well, you keep on swimming, Ivor! And take care of yourself!


      3. Arms are getting tired, just as well I’ve been sleeping well 😴😊

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  3. I’m happy you and your lovely girls are safe 💖. It’s a crazy time. I also am more anxious now when I’m around many people. I love to meet up with friends though but we are careful. I wear masks all the time here in Spain. People are more anxious and feel sad. It’s though at times. I miss being around my whole family. I also feel the suffering of other people. At least, we appreciate now more little things such as just being to walk freely outside and enjoy nature. I also love being more present now and the world standing still. It was all too much, so much rush, so many people. Nobody seemed to care about anything. I hope they do now

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    1. Hello, friend! I’m so badly to hear from you! 💜💜💜

      The anxiety is definitely very real and present! It’s hard.

      I agree it was nice to have the worlds slow down for awhile. I actually really miss it.

      Unfortunately, where I live, a lot of people seem to be ready to just go back to “normal” and act like nothing happened. It’s kind of scary. The whole country just seems so divided and at each other’s throats. It makes me sad and more anxious. However, the girls and I wear our masks and hope that everyone will try to be considerate of each other.

      Seriously crazy times we are living in!

      You take care of yourself!! 💙💙💙

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