Checking In

How is everyone? It seems like the last few weeks have been nothing but a blur for me! I just wanted drop a few lines and say hello to my readers. I didn’t want anyone to think I had fallen off the face of the earth or anything.

I’m hoping things will calm down a bit…sooner rather than later. My girls have a dance show coming up that I am looking forward to. It will be nice to see them on a stage even if they do have to dance in masks, and I have to wear one in the audience. Being uncomfortable will be worth it just to see my girls on a stage again.

Other than that, I’ll be working on some writing projects over on WattPad. I am trying to get myself focused and in gear. I’ve been a bit stagnant with all the drama going on.

How are you guys? Anything big and exciting going on? Anything just mundane and normal you feel like sharing? I would LOVE to hear some stories!

You guys stay safe and have a great week! I hope to hear from you soon!

6 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. Hi Heather…like everyone else, I’ve been treading water for 8 months, but during the lockdown I’ve nearly finished my book’s manuscript, ready for the publisher… If it’s good enough ‘Fae Corps Publishing’ will be printing my book in March 2021… It’ll be a book of my poems, (116 presented in 10 Chapters) selected from over a 1000 poems that I’ve written during the last 20 years… Cheers Ivor.. Oh here’s my Chapter List..

    “Tullawalla. A Meeting Place”

    Chapter 1.
    Nature, Trees, and the Air We Breathe
    Chapter 2.
    My Empty Hands Are Full, Of Memories and Rhymes
    Chapter 3.
    Dragons, Wizards, Faeries, and a Space Craft
    Chapter 4.
    Humour, Wit, Sarcasm, and Christmas Stories
    Chapter 5.
    Observations, The Sound of Silence
    Chapter 6.
    Travel. Air, Land, and Sea
    Chapter 7.
    The Family Tree and Dream-time Stories
    Chapter 8.
    Haiku’s and the Leftover Champagne
    Chapter 9.
    Not Horror, But Weird
    Chapter 10.
    Beyond the Blue Horizon

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    1. Oh, Ivor!!!! I’m so beyond excited for you!!! What amazing news! Thank you so much for sharing this with me. It really made my night! Will you keep me posted? I’d love to have a copy of your work, so you’ll have to let me know when it’s available! I’m crossing all my fingers (and toes 😂) for you, my friend! 💙💙💙

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      1. Oh they have basically agreed to publish for me, I suppose I understate myself sometimes, and I’m not sure that my writings are good enough….. but friends and fellow writers, have kept encouraging me, and given me the confidence to complete the project… 💙🌏

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      2. I think most writers are their own worst critics. We are very hard on ourselves. If friends and fellow writers believe in you, though, that says a lot. And as one of those fellow writers, let me just say that I think your writings are definitely good enough! I always enjoy reading them, and I think the rest of the world needs a chance to read them too! I’m so excited for you! 💙


      3. Oh, dear Heather thank you for your kind words, and lovely support.. Your encouragement means a lot to me, and I’m here in Geelong with a very appreciative big smile on my dial 😁💙🌏

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