A New Update

Hello, Readers!

I am excited to announce that my book, Embrace the Storm, is coming to WattPad!  I am updating chapters weekly. I truly believe it is a story that anyone can relate to in some form or another. If you have a little time, I hope you will follow the link below and check out the first few chapters that are available. I would love to hear your thoughts. 

To be honest, I think we all hit a point in our lives where we fear the darkness (whatever it may be) might swallow us whole. Especially in a year like 2020 (am I right?!). Finding that proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel” can prove damn near impossible. During these dark times, we must remember to embrace the storm. No one can control the weather, and fighting against it only makes us tired. Instead, we must embrace it and hold on for the ride. Sooner or later, clear skies will find us once again.

The Guardians of Bliss series has an extremely special place in my heart.  The character “Megan” has been with me since I was 14 years old, although in those days she looked a bit different than she does today.  “Jessi” and “Elijah” came to me not long after my first daughter was born, just over 18 years ago.  Soon after they appeared, Embrace the Storm began to take shape.  My journey in recording the events which take place throughout the entire series has morphed and evolved in more ways than I ever could have imagined.  I think writing this story has also helped me to evolve into a better version of myself as well.  Through the telling of this tale, I have grown as a human being and am pleased with the outcome.

Although Embrace the Storm and its sequel, To Withstand the Tempest, are available on Amazon, my gut told me these characters needed the opportunity to meet a bigger audience.  Somewhere out there is a person who needs to hear about this journey out of the darkness and into a light where hope and peace reside.  

Therefore, I’m bringing the Guardians to Wattpad a little piece at a time.  Once the first two books are complete here on Wattpad, I plan to upload the “not yet revealed” third installment as well.  

Thank you for taking the time to stop by, and I hope you find something in this story that brings a little light into your life in return!


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