Embrace the Storm

Add a heading (4)  When all you want is to be normal, nothing is worse than discovering you never can be…

While other teenagers strive to stand out from the masses in order to show off their uniqueness, Jessi desires nothing more than to blend into those crowds and become invisible.  However, her emotions tend to trigger bizarre accidents —like dancing paintbrushes, chairs ditching the person sitting on them, or books flying from their owner’s hands.  This attracts plenty of unwanted attention.  If only she knew how to control the power inside of her ― or better yet, get rid of it!

Things only get worse when a string of tragic events lead Jessi to the truth she thought she always wanted. The bottom line? “Normal” will never be an option. Normal people don’t belong to an ancient race of people known as the Guardians.  They don’t commune with supernatural beings, and they certainly aren’t one of the Chosen. Reluctantly, she begins a journey to discover how and why she must learn to embrace the power within her.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t have much time.  As the Guardian city of Bliss is thrown into chaos, Jessi faces the unsettling reality that her role truly is greater than she dared to imagine. And as if that isn’t enough pressure, every decision she makes could affect the fate of the entire world.  So what happens if she makes the wrong choice?

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** Spoilers for Embrace the Storm below **


amazoncover    Jessi survived her encounter with the infamous Mordecai and miraculously escaped Sanctum, saving the life of her best friend in the process. Now she would like nothing more than a bit of peace and quiet in order to think…

Since her return to Bliss, Jessi has thought of nothing other than how she might be able to convince Elijah to leave his life with the Myriad and return to the Guardians where he belongs. He was meant to be a Guardian. Nothing can convince her otherwise. She simply needs time, and perhaps a little help from the Makers, to encourage him to see the truth.

Much to Jessi’s dismay, however, life never seems to go according to plan. She soon learns that Guardians living outside of Bliss are disappearing; some are even dying. Venom is to blame. Mordecai and his Myriad plan to launch the world into chaos by using their vile weapon to render the Guardians powerless to save anyone.

When the attacks strike close to home, Jessi realizes she will need to help rally the Guardians and their allies in order to prevent the Myriad from destroying the Guardian race.

But if Elijah refuses to leave his old life with the Myriad behind, will she have to face him as an enemy once again?


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