What I’m Reading

Reading is one of my all time favorite past times.  I usually have at least two books going at a time: one I read with my eyes and the other I listen to as I am falling asleep at night.  Now that my three girls are avid readers, I have been tasked with checking out their favorite books as well, so I have quite a few books I am reading at the moment:

For myself, I am reading Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series.  I am currently on book #7 A Crown of Swords.

My oldest, Sarah, loves graphic novels.  Right now we are reading Death Note together.  I am on book #7 in this series as well.

Samantha has me reading the Warriors series.  I am currently in the second story arc: The New Prophecy, book #4, Starlight.

Danielle requested I read The Unwanteds series.  I am on book #1: The Unwanteds.

I home school my three girls and read aloud to them at the end of every school day.  We are reading the Fablehaven series at the moment.  We just started book #3, Grip of the Shadow Plague.

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